General information
Name Battlemage Bonyth
Sex Male
Level 102
Vocation Royal Paladin
Last Login 29 April 2023
Residence Kastah
Status Offline
Created 26 December 2022
Comment: Take ownership of your mission
Of your job
Of your team
Of your future
And take ownership of your life
And lead
Lead yourself
Your team, the people in your life
Lead them all to victory
Death List
09 April 2023 (16:21) Killed at level 102 by Dan (unjustified) (soloed)
25 January 2023 (17:23) Killed at level 63 by Tarantula (soloed)
02 January 2023 (05:35) Killed at level 39 by Jouinsenic (unjustified) (soloed)
30 December 2022 (19:10) Killed at level 37 by Cyclops (soloed)