Welcome to Faloria! We are a old-school Tibia community that still cant let go of what CipSoft created in 2004 and still cherish the memories we had back then.


Faloria first originated in 2014 as one of the very first 7.4 servers with accurate map, look and feel. We had a couple of good years running the server before ultimately withdrawing from the community in 2017. Now we're back, more experienced and eager to give you a server that accuratly reflects the game we all grew up to love, with a few twists to keep things interesting!


We took the best from version Tibia 7.4 and improved the gameplay. All this has been done very carefully to not ruin or interfere with the original gaming aspect of 7.4.
Tibia was originally a hardcore MMORPG and we still believe it should be!
The server will keep getting regular updates and perhaps even new features and QoL improvement in the future, but never without the consent of the community. To stay up to date with our development as well as contribute with opinions and ideas, please visit our Discord.


For a full list of new systems and features that we have introduced to Faloria, please see Faloria Systems

To give you an idea of what 7.4 Tibia actually looked like, here are a few features brought to you by Faloria:

Real 7.4 boat system

Real 7.4 damage system

Real 7.4 sprites

So what are you waiting for? Come join us and explore the world of Faloria now!
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