General information
Position Tutor
Name Bully
Sex Male
Level 58
Vocation No vocation
Guild Lord of Black Widows
Last Login 12 November 2023
Residence Rookgaard
Status Offline
Created 11 February 2022
Comment: Sell Scimitars (19 atk) 2.5k gp
Sell Double Axe (35 atk two-handed) offer! (preferable coins)

Buy all
Apples (exchange for mace)
Snowballs (p set, weapon and shield on main)
any creature products (Wolf Paw, Bear Claw etc.)

if wounded tomb rider resp at any place on Rookgaard, I will pay 10k on main and share the loot for letting me know (Hannibal on discord)

% are more fun than numbers
Death List
05 April 2023 (12:30) Killed at level 55 by Grayback (soloed)
22 March 2023 (02:38) Killed at level 53 by Fire Devil (soloed)
09 July 2022 (18:55) Killed at level 24 by Fire Devil (soloed)
Name: Level: Vocation: Last login: Status:
Sadistic Hannibal 158 Royal Paladin 26 November 2023 offline
Zrobmiprzelew 1 No vocation 03 November 2023 offline