All around the world of Faloria, wheter you are in Rookgaard or on mainland, you may encounter new and/or revamp old areas. We want to encourage exploring, even if the original map itself is over 15 years old. To achieve this, we have created, updated and revamped areas that we all recognize to breath new life into them and to reignite the feeling of exploring something new.

As the map and areas get new life, so does the mysteries. In addition to new quests which are hidden across the lands, there are also mysetieres to be solved, with unique rewards.

Exploring the new ice islands


The original map is brought from client version 7.7, including Port Hope. After that, everything brought into the game is designed and developed by us. In other words: we have no intention of copying newer areas.

All map additions will be brought by us and always keep the nostalgic touches. For example, instead of brining in Svargrond, we have extended the existing Ice Islands with new areas to explore

Discovering new quests

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