Below is a list of regular raids that may occur on Faloria. There are, in addition to the more traditional raids, also mini-bosses that may spawn. You can read more about that here.

Please note that Occurrence is only a rough estimation of how often the raids may actual appear.

Raid Announcement Occurrence
Ab'dendriel Outlaws Outlaws were sighted on the road from Kazordoon to Ab'Dendriel! 7 days
Orcland Orc None. 14 days
Demodras None. 14 days
Ab'dendriel Badgers Badgers in Ab'Dendriel! 14 days
Horned Fox The horned fox is in his lair. 14 days
Necropolis Beholder None. 14 days
General Murius General Murius is patroling Mintwalin. 14 days
Kazordoon spider plague None. 14 days
Grorlam Grorlam is looking for food. 14 days
Rookgaard Rats Rats in rookgaard! 14 days
Dharalion None. 14 days
Stonehome Ghouls The undead are hungry for life. 14 days
Darashia Waspplague Wasps are swarming Darashia. 14 days
Draconia Dieing Dragons Dieing Dragons are appearing on Dracoria. 14 days
Drefia Necromancer Necropharus is preparing a ritual. 14 days
Thais Rat Plague Rat plague in Thais! 14 days
Venore Swamp Elfs A swampelf raiding party has been sighted in the venore swamps! 14 days
Cormaya Dwarfattack Renegade drunken dwarfs are attacking cormaya. 14 days
Ab'dendriel Wolfs Many agressive beasts are roaming south of Ab'Dendriel! Take care! 30 days
Carlin Orcs Orc attack on the tower of whitewatch! 30 days
Edron Skunks Skunkplague in Edron! 30 days
Folda Yeti Yetis on Folda! 30 days
Fernfang Its full moon again and Fernfang is out for new prey. 30 days
The Old Widow None. 30 days
Ankrahmun Scarabinvasion Unusual frequent scarab sightings at the gates of Ankrahmun. 60 days
Venore Elfinvasion Elven scouts from Shadowthorn have been spotted near Venore! Beware! 60 days
Thais Orc Invasion Orc activity near Thais reported! Beware! 90 days
Darashia Undeadinvasion Sightings of undead, west of Darashia! Imminent invasion is suspected! 180 days
Edron Orshabaal Orshabaal's minions are working on his return to the World. LEAVE Edron at once, mortals. 180 days