Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)

8 Nov 2023
Website updated with some minor improvements as well as added the "Cooking" category to highscores.
6 Jul 2023
You may now find some more details about Fishing, Cooking and Farming on our Wikipedia!
5 Apr 2023
On today's server save, the following changes were made:Fixed a bug with Skeleton WarriorFixed a bug with Skeleton WarlockFixed a bug with a dialog on Commander Kruge after defeating the Dark WizardRemoved some of the lesser creatures (Fire Elemental, Demon Skeleton) from Catacombs Demon Spawn
17 Feb 2023
From Server Save today (Friday 17/2) until Monday (20/2) you can enjoy a 30% boost to:RegenerationSkill rateMiniboss spawn chance If you are Golden Account, you will also receive a unique gift for our first anniversary when you login to your account!
24 Jan 2023
On today's server save, the following change has been applied for Skeleton Warlock - Reduced maximum health (4500 -> 3900) - Reduced chance of mana drain - Reduced max amount of mana drained (50 -> 30)

Market release

At today's server save, the market system has been released on Faloria.
Visit your nearest depot to access the market and trade with any player, offline or online!

Some key features of this system includes:

  • Create up to 100 offers simultaneously
  • Trade any item on Faloria, including runes, shop items, coins and equipment
  • Create buy or sell offer, depending on your need
  • Anyone can access and purchase items of the market, but only Golden Account players may create offers
  • Market will not be available on Rookgaard

In addition to the market update, the client artwork has been updated.

Halloween Event

Between October the 27th and November the 3rd Faloria will enable the Halloween event!
During this time, monsters on Faloria (mainland & Rookgaard) will drop Halloween tokens which can be used to purchase unique and fun items to get into a festive mood from Pomperipossa!

On October the 30th at 21.00 CET (10 hours after server save) the Haunted Pumpkin will invade our world. Slay it with your friends and reap the rewards!

Throughout the event, the following unique mechanics are enabled:

  • Kill monsters and collect 'halloween tokens'. The thougher the monster is, the higher chance it has to drop tokens.
  • Trade-in your tokens at Pomperipossa (central Thais square or north of Sam in Thais) for unique halloween rewards.
  • Slay the invading Haunted Pumpkin to collect halloween themed items.
  • Purchase unique halloween themed floor-tiles from the shop to decorate your house in a festive manner! You can also save 25% on the coffin bed during this period.

More detailed information can also be found at our Wikipedia

Roadmap update

A new roadmap post has been updated to our Discord. Use this link to participate in the discussion now and read up on what's currently in our pipeline in terms of development!

Professions content release

At server save on June 30th, the profession system will be released!
This implementation took a lot longer then we first anticipated and in the end we faced an issue with client combability which caused further delays for the content to be released. These problems have now been sorted out and we will be able to publish this update without changes to our supported client list!

Even if part of our team was tangled up with solving the client issues, the rest of us has had time to continue work on other tasks on our roadmap. Some interesting things and glimpses of what is planned will be presented in a ⁠📇 roadmap post on July 7th.

More information about the profession update can be found in our Discord, here.

Cooking teaser (part 3)

Bonjour Falorians!
In this teaser we'll present cooking, the third and final system to be introduced in this update.
Through this new system, you will be able to combine different crops, fishes and food-items into exquisite dishes. The cooking system is primarily aimed to boost players stats for a longer period of time.

Join this ⁠cooking teaser thread to read more about the details regarding this new system and voice your thoughts and opinions!

The following features will accompany the cooking system:
  • New skill introduction (cooking). Increasing the skill allows you to create more powerful dishes.
  • Introducing 23 new unique recipes which can be found through different content such as quest, bosses and monsters.
  • Cooking introduction quest.
  • Use a public or personal cooking stove to gather your items and complete your dish.
  • Searchable and filterable cooking module for all your recipes.
  • New recipes include effects such as: increased health regeneration, increased mana regeneration, increased skill (distance, sword, axe, club and shielding), increased speed, stealth and instant health regeneration.
  • Use up to three different types of dishes at a time (regenerative, skill boost and miscellaneous)