Here is a list of all published changelogs for Faloria.

11 August 2022
As we, today, celebrate six months online we have swapped out the Backpacks from the top-tier donation rewards. The old backpacks will become a legacy item that cannot be obtained again in-game.

Thank you all for your support during these first six months, and here's to many more that will come!
11 August 2022
On todays server save, the following changes were made:
  • Fixed the problem with players being moved outside of protection zone on certain conditions with the auto-reconnect function
  • Removed the message regarding the rule update from the login method
11 August 2022
 On todays server save, the following changes were made:
  • Fixed typo for poisonous bow at Rashid
  • Fixed an issue where players blocked spawn in too far of a distance
  • Fixed issue where loot messages would not always appear
  • Fixed an issue where party channel would not always automatically open when joining a party
  • Party channel will now include party status messages (joining and leaving, etc.)
03 August 2022
You can now read the final two chapters of the upcoming Kastah update: The Catacombs and The End.
Internal testing for the new update is now in the works as we try to get the final pieces in place to announce a launch date for this epic island.
We'll post some more teasers in the close future regarding items and monsters that you can expect to face, as well as some numbers for all you number-people out there!
02 August 2022
On todays server save, the following changes were made:

  • Poison Storm and Envenom will now properly be registered to the caster resulting in unjustified kill.
  • Exori can now be cast without having a weapon in hand.
  • Using a paralyze rune on another player will now give you a protection zone lock.

01 August 2022
At today's server save, the following changes were made:

  • Fixed an issue where containers did not load correctly on start-up
  • Fixed an issue where minimap markers in certain cases could disappear
  • The state of percentage bar in skill window is now saved
  • Increase buy limit for oranges from 200 to 4000
29 July 2022
From server save tomorrow (30/7) there will be 25% increased regeneration and loot until server save on Monday (1/8). Enjoy.
30 June 2022
At today's server save, the following changes were made:
  • Fixed all reported map bugs, some related to tiles not being placeable in houses and torches not persisting through server save
  • Reworked Armadodo loot table to now have a slightly higher average value
  • Fixed an issue with skinning on Crystal Spiders
25 June 2022
At todays server save, the following changes were made:

  • Server prepared for the launch of Character Market.
  • Disabled addon-showcase on NPCs (they will now have their default looks again).
  • Added a "Withdraw" and "Deposit" button to the market interface. These button will allow you to store your physical Faloria Coins in your account. This will also be required when using the Character Market.
  • Added Name Change Scroll to the shop. Names can only be changed once every 30 days and your former name will be shown on the website.
  • Added Sex Change Scroll to the shop.
  • Fixed all reported map bugs.
13 June 2022
At todays server save, the following changes were made:

  • You can now trade in multiple life crystals at once, set the amount as: "3 magic crystal lugri deathcurse". The traditional way still works as well.
  • Slightly reduced spawn chance for the following minibosses: Jerry the Outlaw, Orc Messenger
  • Slightly increased the spawn chance for the following minibosses: Tomb Raider
  • Slightly lowered the value of drops from the following creatures: Elf Wizard (around 8%), Elf Warrior (around 5%)
  • Corrected several reported map bugs
  • Medusa and Ancient Guardian corpse will now decay properly
  • Ice Witch will now turn into a dead female body
  • Added a mailbox to the "Home" depot at Eremo island
06 June 2022
At todays server save the following creatures will count towards the "Miniboss" task:
  •  Minotaur Observer
  •  Jungle Hunter
  •  Orc Messenger
30 May 2022
At today's server save, the following changes were made:

Monster changes:
Fiery Beetle
  • Increased experience from 1520 to 1800
  • Slightly increased loot value
  • Maximum amount of summoned Fiery Scarabs is now two
  • Slightly reduced rate at which summons are spawned
  • Now has a small chance to drop a Fiery Wing
  • Greatly reduced the rate at which summons are spawned
Ice Witch
  • Slightly reduced the rate at which summons are spawned
Tomb Raider
  • Can now see invisible players
House changes:
  • First months rent is now free when you buy a new house
Map changes:
  • Depots in Edron (south side) now correctly displays the amount of items inside
  • Corrected reported map bugs
23 May 2022
At server save today a minor fix was released to fix a problem with cap on bags dropped by monsters. You can now also find more information regarding minibosses under "Library" and "Random mini-boss raids"
22 May 2022
New content update is now live! Skinning has been introduced, 65+ skinnable materials, 30+ creature products, updated behaviour for minibosses and there are now also new addons available from quests in-game. Enjoy.
18 May 2022
Server save today will take slightly longer then usual due to some technical maintenance.
29 April 2022
With todays server save, the following items were fixed: A new food item that provides light | Several new floor tiles added to store | Ordinary raids will now occur more frequently, read more under "Library" | Updated in-game wiki with some missing information | Corrected all reported map bugs
26 April 2022
With todays server save Fixel has arrived in Kazordoon. He is a fletcher whos been traveling the world of Faloria in order to learn how to create distance weapon and ammunitions.Now that he has completed his training Uzgod has allowed him to rent some store space next to his shop!Go visit him for some fine bolts, arrows, bows or crossbows!
14 March 2022
Content update is live!
27 February 2022
From todays server save you will have 10% increased experience for 24 hours. Enjoy.
25 February 2022
The BETA client for Android is now available.
20 February 2022
A new client has been released. Please restart your client to download the latest.
11 February 2022
Server is now live!
06 February 2022
Account registration is now open!