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5 Apr 2023
On today's server save, the following changes were made:Fixed a bug with Skeleton WarriorFixed a bug with Skeleton WarlockFixed a bug with a dialog on Commander Kruge after defeating the Dark WizardRemoved some of the lesser creatures (Fire Elemental, Demon Skeleton) from Catacombs Demon Spawn
17 Feb 2023
From Server Save today (Friday 17/2) until Monday (20/2) you can enjoy a 30% boost to:RegenerationSkill rateMiniboss spawn chance If you are Golden Account, you will also receive a unique gift for our first anniversary when you login to your account!
24 Jan 2023
On today's server save, the following change has been applied for Skeleton Warlock - Reduced maximum health (4500 -> 3900) - Reduced chance of mana drain - Reduced max amount of mana drained (50 -> 30)
12 Jan 2023
On today's server save, the following balancing changes has been applied:MONSTER CHANGES Skeleton Warlock-Increased experience (8,500 -> 9,000)-Increased drop chance of Skull Flail-Increased drop chance of Golden Armor-Increased drop chance of Black Pearl-Increased drop chance of Gold Coin-Increased max amount of Black Pearl (4 -> 5)Skeleton Wizard-Increased drop chance of Gold Coin-Increased max amount of Gold Coin-Increased drop chance on Mind Stone-Increased drop chance on Black Pearl-Increased drop chance of Armor of DamnationMagma Dragon-Increased experience (10,000 -> 11,500)-Increased drop chance of Small Diamond-Increased drop chance of Might Ring-Increased drop chance of Ring of Healing-Increased drop chance of Orb-Increased drop chance of Platinum Amulet -Added ranged Fire Field to Magma Dragon attackSPAWN CHANGESEthna (main floor)-Removed Fiery Scarab and added a few additional Dragon Lord spawns (this is now a pure Dragon Lord spawn)Ethna (lower floor)-Removed Magma Slime, Fire Elemental and Flaming Gazer from the same floor as Magma Dragon live on-Added additional spawns of Dragon Lord-Added additional spawns of Magma Dragon
6 Jan 2023
On todays server save, the following fix has been applied:Underworld Crossbow will now correctly apply bleeding condition

Cooking teaser (part 3)

Bonjour Falorians!
In this teaser we'll present cooking, the third and final system to be introduced in this update.
Through this new system, you will be able to combine different crops, fishes and food-items into exquisite dishes. The cooking system is primarily aimed to boost players stats for a longer period of time.

Join this ⁠cooking teaser thread to read more about the details regarding this new system and voice your thoughts and opinions!

The following features will accompany the cooking system:
  • New skill introduction (cooking). Increasing the skill allows you to create more powerful dishes.
  • Introducing 23 new unique recipes which can be found through different content such as quest, bosses and monsters.
  • Cooking introduction quest.
  • Use a public or personal cooking stove to gather your items and complete your dish.
  • Searchable and filterable cooking module for all your recipes.
  • New recipes include effects such as: increased health regeneration, increased mana regeneration, increased skill (distance, sword, axe, club and shielding), increased speed, stealth and instant health regeneration.
  • Use up to three different types of dishes at a time (regenerative, skill boost and miscellaneous)

Farming teaser (part 2)

Howdy Falorians!
In this teaser we'll present farming, a new system that will be introduced in the upcoming content update.
Through this new system, you will be able to farm and harvest both new and existing items in a systematical fashion. All around Faloria, public farming plots has been added which can be used (and harvested...) by anyone.
Join this farming teaser thread to read more about the details regarding this new system and voice your thoughts and opinions!

The following features will accompany the farming system:

 - Farming hoe can be used on fertile dirt in order to plant a seed. Depending on seed, a crop will grow over time.
 - Public farming locations has been added all around Faloria, often in adjacency to a city/encampment. On these locations, anyone can plant and harvest.
 - On farmland, the following items can be grown: Exotic carrot, exotic tomato, cucumber, agaric mushroom, onion, chili, potato and lettuce. One plant yields one crop.
 - Once a crop has been harvested, the tile requires some time to recover before a player can plant on it again.
 - Seeds can be bought from Sylvia Seedwright's farm west of Greenshore.
 - Introduction quest to understand farming will be provided by Seedwright's Assistance at the farm west of Greenshore.
 - Some creatures can drop new food items/seeds
 - Pears and Exotic Apples can spawn and be harvested on any suitable location on the map.
 - Players may also choose to grow crops in personal planting pots that can be placed inside a house. One plant may yield up to three crops.
 - Farming will be available on both Rookgaard and Mainland

Fishing teaser (part 1)

In our upcoming update in refining and adding new professions to our game, fishing is first out to be presented!

The rework of fishing will bring the following changes:

  • You may now only catch fish on a given tile once every thirty minutes.
  • Introducing three new tiers of fishing rods.
    The old fishing rod will still work as it does today, but can be upgrade
    into three new tiers. Each tier allows for a greater chance of catching
    the most sought after fishes.
  • Introducing ~20 new fishes to be caught with
    various rarities across different regions. The current fish will still
    exist and be catchable.
  • The map has been divided into five different regions, with their own fish-species: Sand, Grass, Ice, Jungle and Cave.
  • In addition to the region specific fish species, there are also additional rare fish that can be caught across all regions.
  • Fishing on any tile in a specific region has a chance to catch a fish.
  • A shoal of fish has a chance to spawn on any water tile. Fishing on a shoal has a high chance of yielding a region fish.
  • A new fishermans backpack that allows for all fish you may catch to automatically be transferred to it.
  • A new bait can be attached to your fishing rod to further improve your chances on finding rare fish
Join this fishing teaser thread on our Discord and participate in the discussion regarding this update.

Update version 1.01

Bringing you a new patch with some balancing changes, content updates
and preparations for major patches that are in the development pipe!
patch is touching many areas that has been brought up over the months
with the ultimate goal of making Faloria even more fun and engaging for
you, the Player, so let's get into it.

Anti-kick system
This update is bringing a first iteration of a anti-kick system. Initially,
this means that we have added new and better ways of detecting even
slight and momentary network issues that may occur, as well as added
additional logging to keep track of losses that may happen during such
times. This system only takes into account whether or not the server is
having troubles reaching the outside world, which means you are not
protected if your own internet gets disconnected or experience
connection delays.

Skinning & creature products
More uses has been introduced to skinning and creature products, as well as some balancing changes applied to skinning.
  • Increased
    chance of skinning for the following creature products: war wolf
    leather, lizard leather, hydra leather, frost dragon scale, behemoth
    claw, demon leather, medusa fang, magmatic dragon wing
  • Added skinning for the following items: armadodo leather, cyclops toe, dragon tail, piece of a giant spider
  • Added skinning for minotaur horn (now for all minotaur types)
  • Replaced skinning a green dragon scale with simple skinning knife with a green dragon leather
  • Green dragon scales can now be traded in for a Dragon Scale Mail
  • Broken halberds can now be traded in for a Halberd
  • The
    following creature products can now be sold to Professor Minerva: hydra
    leather, scorpion tail, dworc mask, carniphila venom sac, lizard
    leather, lion leather, tiger leather, colorful feather, medusa snake,
    scarab scale, ancient scarab pincers, giant python leather, ball of hair
  • Jezzara will now buy larva egg's
  • The
    following new items are available through trade-ins related to creature
    products and skinning: frozen helmet, fanged helmet, royal armor,
    dragon backpack, red/green/gray/white silk tapestry, war wolf trophy,
    giant spider trophy and fabulous mirror

our quest to provide a server that is fun, we think there should be
incentive to hunt more then one or two spawns in the game. With this
patch, we have targeted some less frequented spawns and monsters in an
attempt to make them more appealing, both in terms of profit and
  • Removed energy immunity from armadodo and magma dragon
  • Slightly lowered defense of magma dragon
  • Reduced total defense of skeleton warlock
  • Increased experience for temple guardian (13,600 -> 14,400)
  • Dragon Poacher can no longer be pushed
  • Dragon Poacher is now immune to fire
  • Mossweaver will now push other creatures
  • Foreman George will now push other creatures and items (boxes)
  • Reduced total life of medusa (4500 -> 4200)
  • Slightly increased total life of holy monk (3800 -> 4000)
  • Medusa is now immune to fire
  • Minotaur Observer can now spot invisible players
  • Improved
    loot for: mummy (mummy bandage), ogre shaman (broken halberd), ogre
    warrior (broken halberd), cyclops (cyclops toe, broken halberd), giant
    python (green mushroom, knight armor, plate armor, knight legs, steel
    helmet, poisonous bow, small sapphire), dwarf soldier (hunting bolt),
    elf scout (improved arrow), hunter (improved arrow), minotaur archer
    (hunting bolt), magma dragon (devil helmet replaced with dragon shield,
    steel helmet replaced with serpent sword, orb, platinum amulet, magmatic
    dragon wing, golden sickle replaced with dragon hammer)

  • Obsidian Boots now give 1% fire protection but has their arm reduced (3 -> 2)
  • All obsidian items can now be sold to Katy when renowned with the brotherhood
  • Improved Arrows (5gp/ea) and improved bolts (10gp/ea) can now be bought at a increased price from all fletchers on Faloria
  • Renowned members of the Brotherhood can buy improved arrows (3gp/ea) and improved bolts (5gp/ea) from Katy
  • Templar Boots now gives 1% holy damage protection
  • Red and Purple tome can be sold to Arkulius in Edron after completing a pre-quest
  • Improved Bolt and improved arrow now has their own shooting effect

You should see less skunks and more diverse raids over Faloria after this patch.
  • Increased
    chance for the following raids to happen: orcland orc, cormaya dwarfs,
    darashia undead invasion, horned fox, kazordon spider plague, mintwalin
    general, fernfang, venore swamp elfs, ankrahmun scarab invasion
  • Reduced the chance for the following raids to happen: ab'dendriel badgers, ab'dendriel wolfs, carlin tower orcs
  • Slightly reduced chance of jungle hunter to spawn from a hydra

  • As
    preparation for upcoming release of the fix that will force people out
    of their house as they lose golden account, two new golden account
    scrolls has been added to the store, 90 days and 180 days. We have also
    replaced the existing sprite for the golden account scroll with
    something more fitting. More information and date of patch for the house
    kick will come in the near future.
  • Fixed a bug with blue water bottles which means they can now be emptied and filled with other liquids
  • Minor update to login-message for the Wikipedia text
  • Fixed a dialog bug at Gothfrid the Fireborn
  • Portable mailbox can now be purchased from the Faloria store
  • Fixed all reported map bugs
  • Changed a required item for Kastah access (green dragon scale is replaced with green dragon leather)
  • Added an additional spawn point for skeleton warlock in the catacombs
  • Added two additional demon spawn points in the catacombs
  • Fixed a visual bug on the brotherhood outfit
  • Rookgaard characters above level 8 may now post on Trade channel
  • The Druid spell "Mass skill buff" will now increase magic level (1 -> 2), distance (2 -> 3) and axe/sword/club (2 -> 4)
  • Fixed a bug with the giant python corpse not decaying correctly
  • Three new royal mailboxes has been added, two in Kastah and one in Port Hope