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17 Feb 2023
From Server Save today (Friday 17/2) until Monday (20/2) you can enjoy a 30% boost to:RegenerationSkill rateMiniboss spawn chance If you are Golden Account, you will also receive a unique gift for our first anniversary when you login to your account!
24 Jan 2023
On today's server save, the following change has been applied for Skeleton Warlock - Reduced maximum health (4500 -> 3900) - Reduced chance of mana drain - Reduced max amount of mana drained (50 -> 30)
12 Jan 2023
On today's server save, the following balancing changes has been applied:MONSTER CHANGES Skeleton Warlock-Increased experience (8,500 -> 9,000)-Increased drop chance of Skull Flail-Increased drop chance of Golden Armor-Increased drop chance of Black Pearl-Increased drop chance of Gold Coin-Increased max amount of Black Pearl (4 -> 5)Skeleton Wizard-Increased drop chance of Gold Coin-Increased max amount of Gold Coin-Increased drop chance on Mind Stone-Increased drop chance on Black Pearl-Increased drop chance of Armor of DamnationMagma Dragon-Increased experience (10,000 -> 11,500)-Increased drop chance of Small Diamond-Increased drop chance of Might Ring-Increased drop chance of Ring of Healing-Increased drop chance of Orb-Increased drop chance of Platinum Amulet -Added ranged Fire Field to Magma Dragon attackSPAWN CHANGESEthna (main floor)-Removed Fiery Scarab and added a few additional Dragon Lord spawns (this is now a pure Dragon Lord spawn)Ethna (lower floor)-Removed Magma Slime, Fire Elemental and Flaming Gazer from the same floor as Magma Dragon live on-Added additional spawns of Dragon Lord-Added additional spawns of Magma Dragon
6 Jan 2023
On todays server save, the following fix has been applied:Underworld Crossbow will now correctly apply bleeding condition
27 Nov 2022
On today's server save, we introduce a batch of balancing changes to some spawns and monsters in Kastah.Below is the short summery, a full post explaining the changes is published on our Discord.Increased loot value of Undead Dragon, Skeleton Wizard, Skeleton Warlock, Magma HoundIncreased experience for Undead Dragon and Magma HoundDecreased total damage in one round from Undead Dragon, Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton WarlockUpdated Magma Hound spawnUpdated Catacombs spawnAdded two new minibosses: Grave Robber (Skeleton Wizard, Skeleton Warlock), Blazing Elemental (Magma Hound)Underworld Legs, Underworld Armor, Underworld Helmet can now be sold to RashidFixed a problem with Sacred Cross now showing all blessings to some playersFixed reported map bugs

Client & Rookgaard update

A new game client as well as a content update has been published to Faloria today.

The following changes has been made:

 - Cruella is now immune to fire
 - Alpha Ape will now attack it's target on close range
 - Removed PZ from Ghost Ship teleport
 - Five new creatures will count towards the "miniboss" task: Grave Robber, Foreman George, Grayback, Mossweaver and Warchief Bata
 - Update sprite for following creatures: Chakoya Toolshaper, Chakoya Tribewarden, Chakoya Windcaller, Foreman George, Alpha Ape, Cruella, Minotaur Observer, Orc Messenger, The Old Widow
 - Update sprite for the following items: fanged legs, fanged shield, fanged armor, faloria coin, fiery crossbow, fiery bow, improved crossbow
 - New shop item "Temple Scroll" to move the players without PZ and battle mark to temple

This addition is aimed to make raids both more available and more interesting to engage with. More additions to this will come for stronger creatures such as Orshabaal, which is untouched in this update.
 - Added global raid announcements for: The Old Widow, Frigus, Demodras
 - Reworked raid timers for: Demodras, The Old Widow, Thais Orcs, Yetis, Horned Fox, Thais Rat Raid, Ankrahmun Scarab Raid, Grorlam, Cormaya Dwarf Attack, Darashia Wasp Plague, Fernfang (Orshabaal is being looked at separately)
 - Increased loot value from raid bosses (for example killing Demodras will yield a higher chance for rares and others)
 - Increased experience from raid creatures

New island introduced adjacent to Rookgaard, with the village Greenhollow. This area can be accessed by level 8+ from Lilac, located on the shores east of the city.
 - New minibosses
 - New quests
 - New items
 - Reworked Albus mystery
 - New areas
 - New creatures for Rookgaard
 - Reworked minimap system to prevent you from losing large chunks of minimap when using multiple clients
 - Increased maximum amount of open containers (from 16 to 32)
 - Implemented old walking animation
 - Implemented cam recorder and player to the client
 - Fix issue when adding VIP with extra space
 - Improved new condition icons
 - Replaced old option icons
 - Fix issue where battle list could in some cases change order unexpectedly
 - Fix an issue where it was in some cases not possible to expand the minimap
 - Updated client icon and background

Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year on Faloria

Between server save on December 18th and January 6th Faloria will enable the Christmas and New Year event!
During this time, the rude Grinch and his friends are invading the major towns on Faloria, trying to steal all the shiny holiday presents!
 - Slay the invaders and collect stolen presents that can be delivered to Santa's Helper in Vega in exchange for Christmas Tokens.
 - Exchange tokens for special Christmas items only available during this time from Santa's Helper
 - Obtain Christmas-unique tiles and chests from the Faloria shop
 - Claim a holiday gift from Santa Claus located in the tavern of Thais
 - Buy and celebrate the new year with fireworks and party hats from George Weasley. He will set up shop on December 26th in Thais.
 - Obtain and wear two new addons and one new outfit

Halloween Event

Halloween event is now LIVE!
All creatures on Faloria will now have a chance to drop "Halloween Tokens".
Depending on the monsters difficulty, more or less tokens may drop.
These tokens can then be taken to "Pomperipossa" in either Rookgaard or Thais to change for items only obtainable during the Halloween event.
The shop has also been updated with some new spooky tiles that will only be available for Halloween as well, and the coffin bed has been put on sale during this time.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Event

Between October the 28th and November the 6th Faloria will enable the Halloween event!

During this time, monsters on Faloria (mainland & rookgaard) will drop Halloween tokens which can be used to purchase unique and fun items to get into a festive mood!

On October the 31st at 21.00 CEST the Haunted Pumpkin will invade our world. Slay it with your friends and reap the rewards!

Happy Halloween!

Kastah update is LIVE

Kastah update is now LIVE on Faloria!

Visit Alexander in Edron to explore this new island.
Below is an image of some of the new creatures and items that you may find in this update.