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14 March 2022 (11:22) Content update is live!
27 February 2022 (09:47) From todays server save you will have 10% increased experience for 24 hours. Enjoy.
25 February 2022 (12:14) The BETA client for Android is now available.
20 February 2022 (11:06) A new client has been released. Please restart your client to download the latest.
11 February 2022 (20:42) Server is now live!

Kastah teaser

Our current focus is to finish the content update of Kastah, but as it requires quite a lot of work and we know you guys are eager for some new content there will be a small content patch before the major update. Some hints to what that might be can perhaps be seen in the teaser below as we continue to showcase Kastah!

Pay tribute to the inhabitants of Kastah that has passed on to the afterlife

Explore new areas

Hunt new creatures

Rent and decorate new houses in the city of Kastah

Content teaser

Welcome to Kastah, an ancient volcanic island in the outskirts of Faloria.
Its inhabitants, the Kastari, are a though but rather quiet people. They have mastered the skills of survival on bare minimum in the rough climate and spend most of their time studying the large volcano.

Despite the town being annihilated twice by lava floods, the Kastari kept coming back to rebuild, improving their town with each iteration. Now it's decades ago since the last eruption and daily life in Kastah has seen great improvements since the harbor could open up once again.

But even if daily life can seem ordinary, the elders of Kastah know that its a matter of time before the volcano will erupt once more. The ancient scrolls tells a story of dark creatures that has settled on the island and a strange magic that affects objects that are caught in the volcanos lava floods. Rumor has it that the only way to calm the volcano is to banish the demons from the island, but anyone who tried has mysteriously disappeared...

Content update on March 14th

A new content update is coming to the lands of Faloria on March 14th. It includes new quests, items, monsters, minibosses, map areas to explore as well as some upgrades to Rookgaard.

We have also fixed a couple of issues for our Android client, inlcuding a Zoom option, possibility to take tasks and a toggle option for the chat.

For a full list of changes, please see our Discord.

Content update live on March 14th

Upcoming content update

While we've worked hard the last weeks on mostly correcting and fine-tuning the server to give you, the players, an experience as smooth and fun as possible, we're also working on new updates and content for the server.

This update focuses on delivering new content and features such as new tasks, houses on Rookgaard, new quests, new areas and additional minibosses.