Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)

19 Sep 2022
On todays server save, the following changes were made:Three additional spawns for Stoneskin Bird has been introduced on KastahSlightly increased chance to spawn more then one bird inside a nestFixed a problem where amulets could sometimes not be sold to DjinnFixed a hole in Kastah not closing itself after being openedFixed a problem with one of the bosses on Kastah quest
15 Sep 2022
 On todays server save, the following changes were made: Increased spawn frequency of Stoneskin Bird (still spawning through raid) Fixed reported map bugs Fixed an issue with Molten Blade not attacking Fixed an issue with the Thorn spell Added some additional Ogre Shamans spawns Updated dialogs for Captain Sinbeard, Kafer and Gothfrid the Fireborn to more clearly indicate you are done with their missions Removed Fire Elemental and Demon Skeleton from the inner ring of Magma Dragons Website will now correctly display Kastah as your residence and house townFixed an issue with Magician Boots
11 Aug 2022
As we, today, celebrate six months online we have swapped out the Backpacks from the top-tier donation rewards. The old backpacks will become a legacy item that cannot be obtained again in-game.Thank you all for your support during these first six months, and here's to many more that will come!
10 Aug 2022
On todays server save, the following changes were made:Fixed the problem with players being moved outside of protection zone on certain conditions with the auto-reconnect functionRemoved the message regarding the rule update from the login method
8 Aug 2022
 On todays server save, the following changes were made:Fixed typo for poisonous bow at RashidFixed an issue where players blocked spawn in too far of a distanceFixed issue where loot messages would not always appear Fixed an issue where party channel would not always automatically open when joining a partyParty channel will now include party status messages (joining and leaving, etc.)

Kastah update is LIVE

Kastah update is now LIVE on Faloria!

Visit Alexander in Edron to explore this new island.
Below is an image of some of the new creatures and items that you may find in this update.

Kastah Trailer

You may now watch the final spoiler for Kastah - Our trailer.
Kastah is launched at Server Save on September 11th.

We have now published three new rule-clarifications to the website which will apply from Server Save on Wednesday (3/8).

Please make sure you read through them and understand them. If you have any questions related to these new rules, please visit our Discord and the attached news-thread.

Rule 9b
Manipulating computer inputs to constantly cast a spell on your character while being AFK is strictly forbidden on Faloria.

Rule 9c
Using third-party software to login/logout bed-mages (Farming) is strictly forbidden on Faloria.

Rule 9d
Infraction of any rule defined under 9 (9a, 9b, 9c) will result in a banishment of all accounts related to the owner.

You can always read the full rule-set here

Content teaser for Kastah

You may now discover some more information about the upcoming content update for Kastah on our website!

The initial teaser will reveal four chapters: A Call to Arms, The Outcasts, The Broken Mountain and Daily Life. More chapters as well as a release date will all be published to this site.

Read more about the update here:

Discuss the update with others here: Discord

Website Updates

We have now launched the Community Wikipedia, an additional resource to the server-provided client wiki. The Wikipedia is ran by members of the Faloria community and contains great information about items, monsters, quests and additional systems that exists on Faloria!
You can visit it directly through the website under "Library" or simply go to
If you wish to contribute yourself or want to request some information to be added simply contact the Wikipedia Team through our Discord!

In addition we have also now released our Character Market, a feature that was requested by the community. Through the market you may sell or buy characters on Faloria in a safe manner and it is the only allowed and support method to deal with characters.
The Character Market can be found under the "Store" tab on the website.