Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)

11 Jul 2024
Dwarf Boss will be re-enabled at server save on Friday (12/7). Due to the unexpected server crash and following rollback, all players will enjoy 25% increased respawn rate of minibosses across Faloria between server save on Friday (12/7) and Sunday (14/7). Once again, we're sorry for the inconvenience.
30 Jun 2024
At today's server save, the following changes where made:Added fanged armor, fanged legs and fanged helmet to RashidIncreased chance to collect a spore from 20% to 50%Slightly increased Fungolith health (5%)Reduced Fungolith poison field spawn time (from 0.3 seconds to 0.2 seconds)Fixed client issuesFixed Toxin items detail display on marketFixed client issue with mine carts in outpostFixed a problem where some ammunition would not stack properlyFixed an issue with dialog from the Thorin Stonefist
11 Apr 2024
At todays server save, an adjustment to damage formulas for knight and paladins has been published.This adjustment only changes your damage output when fighting on balanced/full defense stance and is aimed towards the training aspect for these vocations.
5 Apr 2024
At todays server save, the Easter event will be concluded. The server managed to collect enough eggs to unlock the first and second reward, so from server save today, you will all benefit from:15% increased loot, 20% increased miniboss spawn rate.Rewards will be available until server save on 12/4. Happy hunting! 🏹
27 Mar 2024
At today's server save, the attribute system has been released.Purchase enchanting stones from any magic vendor (where you would usually buy blank runes) around Faloria and get started attributing your items! Information in regards to attributes can be found at our Wikipedia (not that not all item attributes are updated with the latest changes yet. To see exactly which attributes are available for an item, use an enchanting stone on the item in-game).In addition to the attribute system, the following changes are also applied:Underworld Helmet has been renamed to Underworld Mask and had its capacity reducedDistance formula has been changed. In short this means there is now a min-damage related to your level, and a max-damage which takes your skills and ammunition into account. Hits for Paladins should now be a lot more potent at higher levels.Melee formula has been changed. In short this also means there is now a min-damage related to your level, and a max-damage which takes your skills and weapon into account. Melee hits should now be a lot more potent at higher levels.Burst arrow damage has been reduced for knights and paladins to make room for the new changes to their formula.

Adventure to the Outpost

At today's server save, a new content update has been released.

In this new update, you will aid the dwarfs in the establishment of a new outpost through three stages.
To begin your journey towards the outpost, visit Emperor Kruzak.

Through the outpost, you will face:
 -Three new bosses that can be completed twice a week (reset on Sunday/Wednesday)
 -Daily tasks
 -New items and equipment
 -New spawns and monsters

In addition to the outpost, we have revisited and balanced older spawns as well.

Below you can find a full list of changes:
  • New zone, the outpost. Accessed through a quest chain from Emporer Kruzak for level 150+.
  • New monsters: Fungus, Vyrmiths and Dwarfs.
  • New equipment: Deepforge set, Toxin set, Deepforge weapons, decoratives and miscellaneous.
  • New tool: Adventurer's Tool (function as shovel, rope and pick).
  • New currency: small crystal token (daily quest reward), large crystal token (boss reward).
  • New NPC to buy any gem and golden mugs (outpost, stage 3).
  • New entries for new areas and quests related to the outpost in questlog.
  • New sixth blessing for level 200+.
  • First and second addon for Nobleman outfit.
  • Six new daily quests (two per outpost stage). Reset on server save each day.
  • Three new bosses (one per outpost stage). Reset on server save Sunday and Wednesday.
  • Fixed War Axe to now require two hands to equip.
  • Fixed telescope on Rookgaard.
  • Fixed spawn rate timer on Thais undeads.
  • Fixed a problem with the Shieldwall attribute that would display the incorrect skill increase.
  • Fixed an issue with Fisherman Outfit.
  • Increased crops harvested from 1 to 1-5 randomly for Exotic Carrot, Agaric Mushroom, Exotic Tomato, Cucumber, Exotic Apple, Pear.
  • Increased crops harvested from 1 to 1-3 randomly for Onion, Potato, Chili.
  • Increased crops harvested from 1 to 1-2 randomly for Lettuce.
  • Planting pot and soil now generate the same amount of crops.
  • Assassins added to -2 floor of Dark Cathedral.
  • Added portals back from Ethna seals to enable hunting without passing their bosses.
  • Expanded Lavaion spawn in fire seal.
  • Pulling the lever on Kastah demons will now keep the hole open and no longer require a pick.
  • Removed Demon Skeletons and reduced amount of other misc monsters on Kastah demon.
  • Increased defense on Kratos and Undead Dragon.
  • Changed name on Underworld Helmet (now Underworld Mask).
  • Updated NPC prices for the following items: Templar Armor, Templar Legs, Templar Helmet, Obsidian Helmet, Underworld Mask, Underworld Legs, Underworld Armor.

Attribute system to Faloria

The attribute system will be released to Faloria on March 13th. In this initial release, 37 unique attributes will be introduced to the game!

Attributes can be permanently unlocked for an item by either 1) enchanting it with an enchantment stone purchased from a magic supply vendor or 2) be dropped from a monster with already existing attributes.

Each item will have a predetermined amount of attributes it can hold as well as their tier already defined. This means that an item, e.g. Demon Shield, always will be enchanted with the same attributes and tiers.

Higher valued and rare items will have a smaller chance than more common items to be enchanted with an attribute. Their tiers will however often be the most powerful in return. Exact details of your chance to successfully enchant an item and which attributes it can hold will be displayed directly inside the client.

We will also introduce an option to display a frame on items that are holding attributes to be applied on equipment or backpack items.

More detailed information regarding the attribute system and all the available attributes is being added to the Wikipedia.

Two years of Faloria!

🎉 Celebrating Two Glorious Years of Faloria! 🎉

Dear Faloria Adventurers,

On February 11th we will celebrate our second anniversary on Faloria! 🌟
What an incredible journey it has been, and it wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of everyone in our community.

Over the past two years, Faloria has become a vibrant world, with over 9000 unique accounts and over 11,000 characters created. Each and every one of you has played a crucial role in shaping the destiny of Faloria, and we are immensely grateful for the passion, dedication, and enthusiasm you've brought to out server.

As a token of our appreciation for your continuous support, we have a special treat for all our players. From February 12th to February 19th, experience will be 30% higher for any player below level 100 and 15% for the rest. In addition to this, minibosses will spawn 20% more frequently during this time.

Once again, thank you for being a part of this journey. Here's to two years of epic quests, thrilling battles, and unforgettable moments in Faloria. Cheers to the past and the many adventures yet to come!

The Faloria Team

Market release

At today's server save, the market system has been released on Faloria.
Visit your nearest depot to access the market and trade with any player, offline or online!

Some key features of this system includes:

  • Create up to 100 offers simultaneously
  • Trade any item on Faloria, including runes, shop items, coins and equipment
  • Create buy or sell offer, depending on your need
  • Anyone can access and purchase items of the market, but only Golden Account players may create offers
  • Market will not be available on Rookgaard

In addition to the market update, the client artwork has been updated.